General information

Organisation: Kanoclub De Paddel

Address: Dikkebusvijverdreef 29A, 8900 Ieper, Belgium


Phone: +32498325016

Sleeping Facitities: There are 2 normal campsides, one with elektricity (7h-22h). Also you can certainly find a hotel or a good B&B in the area. Showers and toilets are at your disposal during the weekend.

Catering Information

Breakfast 7 euro: 'order in advanced' Coffee (unlimited), 1 orange juice, cold chocolate milk, 1 glass of water, 3 bread rolls, Tea, Milk, Sugar, Butter, Chocolate spread, Marmelade, Cheese, Ham, 1 piece of fruit,

Dinner 17 euro: all you can eat Ham with fries and vegetables, Veggie meal

During the tounrament and evening you can eat pasta salade, frensh frites, hamburgers, hotdog, croque toast, etc.

Competition Information

ATTENTION!!!!! - The team not ready to play 5 minutes after the end of the previous game will be declared for this game with score 0 - 7.- Each team has to provide responsable persons for the table and the referees- Referees are obliged to be present acccordingly to the program.

We will play on 7 high-quality pitches with shotclocks, and also ourvideo wall will display the results live.

There isn't a teamleadersmeeting. All the info can you get at the ACCREDITATION.

FRIDAY, August 11th 2023
15.00 Reception of teams ACCREDITATION
16.00 Opening of bar

SATURDAY, August 12th 2023
06.45 - 9.15 Breakfast
08:00 Start of the games
18.30 End of games
19.30 Diner

SUNDAY, August 13th 2023
06.30 - 9.00 Breakfast
07:30 Start of games
16.00 End of games
16.15 Awards ceremony